Nordic dance residence in Paris in 2021

Nordic Hip Hop to the Stage is an international project that aims to build an institutionally backed network for collaborations in the sphere of street culture and performance arts between Continental Europe, Northern Europe and North-West Russia. The project provides a platform for French dance-theatre to share their know-hows with the Nordic and Russian street-dancers and empower aspiring young choreographers and dancers who have limited access to formal education within their dance-styles.

Participants for the residence were selected through the open call in October-November 2020 by a committee of independent international dancers.

The project consists of online workshops, two physical residences with workshops and performances in Paris 2021 and Helsinki 2022.

During the first residence in Paris the dancers attended workshops designed by the French dance-company Art Move Concept and acquired basic skills needed for the creation of dance performances on the big stage. The transfer of know-how was done with a hands-on approach with the participants collaborating with each other to create a performance during the residence. Apart from educational activities, mentoring and professional guidance, the participants also visited French dance centres and dance events to learn about institutional and commercial structures that support performance arts in France.

Between two residencies the project participants take part in a series of online-workshops, where they will further work on their skills preparing for the final stage of the project — residence in Finland.

During the second residence in Helsinki, the members of Art Move Concept will travel to Helsinki to further guide dancers and prepare the final product of the project — dance-theater production. The production will be presented for the public during the URB-festival, organised in the summer of 2022 in Helsinki by the Finnish national gallery, Kiasma. The participants of the project will also be given the possibility to present solo-work at the URB-festival.

The project is produced by the Finnish Cultural Institute (Paris), NGO Nordkonst (Stockholm) and dance-company Art Move Concept (Paris), and supported by a network of local partners in each participating country: Café-Danses Bobby Sands (FR), Initiatives d’Artistes en Danses Urbaines (FR), The Finnish Breaking Association (FI), Soul Sessions Oslo (NO), Exiled (SE), Break Forward (DK) and Pskov Hiphop Center (RU). The project is financed by Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point.