«Contingent memories» is an art project that provides a platform for young and aspiring creative individuals living in Sweden to show their art and share experiences of uncertain life journeys in order to broaden the understanding of the global migration process beyond its political and economic implications. The participants of the project come from different countries and backgrounds but they are both shaped by their journeys and the memories of them. Their journeys are separated by time, but their stories share the similarity of contingent events and the final destination.
The very first part of the project, the exhibition Contingent Memories, invites you to meet two participating artists Nasser Naje Lazem and Nassar Alhanoun, who relate in different ways to the notions of contingency and memory in their work: their biographies, their oeuvre, and their artistic trajectories. They reflect on both the precariousness and the destiny that contingent memories encompass.During the exhibition opening Nasser Naje Lazem presented extracts from his book Drömmar i Vaket Tillstånd while Nassar Alhanoun  showed his everyday drawings about his life and travel.

Where: Artillerigatan, 10
When: 5 February 2016
What: Opening 18.00 and Artist Talk 19.00
Where: Södertörn högskola, Bibliotek
When: 19 February 2016
What: Openning 16.00 / Artist talk and book presentation 16.30 — 17.30
Organisers: Anne Kaun, Ekaterina Kalinina, Ludmila Christeseva
Supported by: Södertörn högskola, Nordkonst, Artten.

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