Nord2Nord Hip Hop FestivalNord2Nord is a festival organized by Ekaterina Kalinina as a result of her research and capacity building project Hip Hop for Tolerance 2.0 (funded by the Swedish Institute, 2016). Festival Nord2Nord took place in St. Petersburg, Russia on 26 and 27 November 2016 and  attracted more than 500 people during the two days it was running. The aim of the festival was to introduce the Russian Hip Hop scene to Nordic street culture as well as to facilitate international artistic cooperation between musicians, dancers and dance collectives in the Nordic region.Poster

The structure of the festival reflected the ideas of mutual understanding, cooperation and sharing. The nominations were the following: Bonnie & Clyde 2 vs 2 (B-boy + B-girl), Cypher Kingz vs Judges, 3 vs 3 Juniors Random Battle, Cypherz, where dancers with different background could take part.

The festival was supported by:

  • Swedish Institute
  • Collective Intellectual Stuff 
  • General Consulate of Sweden in St. Petersburg
  • House of youth Atlant
  • House of Culture  Syvenir
  • Youth Centre Kalininskiy

Nord to Nord 2016 Pilot Press Release