Exhibition FOR STARTERS organized by Nordkonst.artten

Venue: Artten, Artillerigatan, 10 Stockholm


Vernissage day 1, 15 may 2015, 18.00 — 22.30

Vernissage day 2, 16 may 2015, 18.00 — 22.30

The exhibition runs from 15 May till 29 May 2015

 Opening hours: Artten receives by appointment. Please  call us at Artten in advance 073 509 69 86.

Gallery Artten and non-governmental organisation Nordkonst proudly present its first exhibition project For Starters. For Starters is a new exhibition concept, which opens a series of activities directed towards a creation of a large network of women artists in Sweden — CREACOOP. The network CREACOOP (Creative Cooperation) started by Nordkonst strives for boosting creative industries initiated and led by female artists and entrepreneurs with diverse ethnic backgrounds.

The idea of the exhibition For Starters is to combine creative efforts of three distinguished and talented artists who currently live and work in Stockholm. L. Christeseva, Ekaterina Sisfontes, and Lena Rammi originally started their careers elsewhere and later moved to Sweden.

Ekaterina Sisfontes is renowned for her minimalistic style in jewellery. After winning a yearly Swedish design competition, she started her own design brand — SisKa Design. She has exhibited in upscale galleries and major art fairs in Europe, Asia and USA. She has also designed collections for the stores in Museum Of Modern Art in New York, British Academy of Art, Swedish Museum of Modern Art and the Swedish National Museum. Currently she is working with different sculpture and photography projects. [Read more on Ekaterina’s website]

By Lena Rimmi


Lena Rammi works predominantly with graphics and video art. Her drawings are innocent and laconic, personal and intimate. Several years ago Lena Rammi started to work with short stop-motion animated music videos. Today she is involved in diverse music and theatre performances. Involving real objects from everyday use into a film, an animation, Lena Rammi found a way to share her philosophy of perception of the world. [Read more on Lena’s website]


L. Christeseva focuses on the practice of artistic recycling and works with “industrial leftovers”. Her current project SUSTAINIDENTITY represents a creative, investigative transformation of toiles from the fashion industry into a series of sculptures and photographs. In her exploration of the juncture between art and fashion, L.Christeseva contemplates the notion of femininity in the context of different cultures; she questions gender stereotypes, and identity politics at large. [Read more on her website]