During spring break 2021 and despite the COVID-19 restrictions Nordkonst and Hip Hop Center XO organised five day dance boot camp which gathered about 40 participants in Pskov. The idea of the camp was to provide a meeting and training place for young and talented dancers who are willing to dedicate their free time and focus their professional career on dance. During five days 35 students from St. Petersburg and Pskov (Russia) have attended master classes, open trainings, open dance jams, DJ-ing workshops, development talks and took part in team building day that took place at multi-activity center Prostoria. The selection of eligible participants was organised through an open call sent out to dance schools in St. Petersburg. The conditions for the selection were: age of the participants (12-25 years old), professional dance experience (no less than 3 years), recommendation from the dance teacher and personal motivation.

During the camp internationally and nationally known dancers bboy Fin, bboy Green, bboy Simpson, bboy Slav as well as Dj F-twice and parkour master Sasha Sheva. Students had to attend two master classes and one open training a day, as well as had development talks with the instructors throughout the camp. In the end of the camp a small internal conferences with the students was organised in order to discuss the needs and desires of students when it comes to their training, professional career and educational activities.

Dance day at boot camp in Pskov

Hip Hop Center XO in Pskov in collaboration with MUD arrangement (Norway), SADE yr (Finland), CALL out SUOMI (Finland), and Finnish Breaking Association (Finland). The event is sponsored by Nordic Culture Point programme.