Nord2Nord Grand Final

Nord2Nord Grand Final in St. Petersburg 

Dear friends! Nord2Nord Grand Final Festival has blown up the whole city on the 5th and 6th of May 2018! That was a real blast with more than 300 participants and around 200 visitors.

We had a fantastic line up of the judges with Tommy Invalido, Messy Mel and Carlito coming all the way from Sweden to decide on the best crew, the best Bonnie and Clyde breaking couple and Solo dancers. As the result of the battles that took the whole day on Sunday we have Dvizh club, Bboy Warrior and Bgirl Art, and Bboy Cooper going all the way to Sweden for a whole week to take part in an international Hip Hip Camp Breaking Flows in Norrköping.

Well, not only the adults had fun! On Saturday the younger generation had a chance to take three master classes from our Swedish guests and then compete with each other to be accepted into the line up for Sunday and to challenge more experienced Bboys and Bgirls on the dance floor.


⫸ Bonnie & Clyde Juniors 2vs2
⫸ Tempered Style» 1 vs 1

⫸ Crew battles 5 vs 5


Invalido «Stockholm City Rockers»
Messy Mel «Skyhigh Rockers»
Calle «Above the Clouds»

Mare 139 

Rene John-Sandy II


Anny Rock «Rocking Chicks» (Kiev)
Worm «Scratchburg/Hell Hype Band» (St. Petersburg)
Space G «33-45/Syndicate» (Kirishi)
Wolt «Top Nine Crew» (St. Petersburg)


Lentos (Novosibirsk) Lena Lentos
RG56 «Rhymedalz» (Murmansk) Roman Gvozdev


Personality battle special guest: B-boy Drive «Comix Zone» (Krasnodar)


Knowledge cypher moderators:
— GrandPap «Hip Hop Union» (Moscow) Sergey Ivanov
— Madd Chief «Hip Hop Union» (Moscow) Мэдд Чиф
— Bobisch «NordSide/Flowjob/Hip Hop Union» (St. Petersburg)
— Ekaterina Kalinina «Nordkonst» (Sweden) Ekaterina Kalinina
— Smol 01 «Funk Fanatix/NordSide» (St. Petersburg)

BM Video
Yuriy Golygin

Online streaming of the event 

— Swedish Institute
— NGO «Nordkonst»
— NGO «Da Exit» and «Hip Hop Union»
— Socio-cultural movement «Intellectual Stuff»
— Consulate General of Sweden in St. Petersburg
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