On August 6-8, 2021 the international hip hop festival Nord Vibe took place in St. Petersburg,  city the northernmost among the cities of the world with over one million people. 3 days of festivals were full of activities such as — breaking and hip hop battles, branch conference, party on board and all day jams. Three international guests were visiting the event: Bgirl AT (Finland), Bboy Hatsolo (Finland), Bboy Kinder (Ukraine). Due to Covid19 restrictions the entrance to the festival was limited by participants only. There was the live-stream for all people, who wanted to support the event.

During the branch conference 30 dancers and hip hop producers discussed the highly important theme for the industry — Dance schools: developing processes, challenges, personal experience.

Winners of nominations:

Footwork — bboy Mel Inside
Bgirls 72Smoke — bgirl Ari
Crews 5vs5 1st place — Top9
Crews 5vs5 2nd place — All the Most
Bonnie&Clyde breaking:
1 место — Break Rave
2 место — Art & Ralfinio
Bonnie&Clyde Hip Hop:
1 место — Rash & Andy
2 место — Lizetta & Chill

Photo: Russian Dance Photo | Dmitriy Tibekin