Founder & board member: Julia Velkova

Julia  is a media scholar currently working at University of Linköping, Sweden. Her interests are in digital culture, technologies and media infrastructures. She is currently involved in several research projects related to data centres in a Nordic context, including the project “Earth Stations and Data Centers: Network buildings as transnational infrastructures and logistical media”, funded by the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (Riksbankens Jubileumsfond). Her doctoral dissertation (defended in 2017) won in 2019 the second prize of the Swedish Association of Media and Communication. 

Chairman: Ekaterina Kalinina

Ekaterina Kalinina is a media scholar and researcher working as a Senior Lecturer at Stockholm University. Her interests include memory cultures, nostalgia, digital memory, civic movements and activism, cultural heritage, youth cultures and hip hop. She works with practice-based research and promotes cultural exchanges among young people in the Nordic countries and in the Baltic Sea region. Running several youth exchange projects and interested in heritage politics, Ekaterina is the contact person for projects concerning youth cultures and heritage. 

Board member: Liudmila Voronova

With a background as journalist and communication scholar, Liudmila is the contact person for various projects related to the media. Before moving from Moscow to Sweden, she worked as international projects’ coordinator for the Russian Union of Journalists and freelance journalist in several printed and on-line media in Russia. Liudmila’s interests are gender issues, media and journalism in the Baltic Sea region, and cross-cultural communication. She is currently also working as an Associate Professor in Journalism at Södertörn University.

Board member: Andrey Ryannel

Andrey Ryannel, a.k.a.  bboy Fin, is a professional dancer and dance instructor working with children and youth in Stockholm. Andrey represents two dance crews  —  FYXO и Flow job. In Nordkonst Andrey works with merchandising and graphic design as well as technical support and logistics of festivals. 

Member: Ekaterina Tarasova

Ekaterina is a social scientist and a post-doc at Linköping University working on social and political aspects of energy transitions. She has background in political science and environmental communication. Ekaterina’s main interest is the interrelation between environment and society on various dimensions. Ekaterina accomplished training in facilitation and mediation of environmental conflicts. Environment, communication and education is her focus area in Nordkonst. 

Member : Ekaterina Ryabinina

Ekaterina Ryabinina a.k.a. bgirl Kettu Brown is a dancer and a project manager working with international relations, SMM and even coordination. She is an active representative of dance community who started dancing in 2001. She masters sveral dance styles: breaking, hip hop and rock dance. She had been an  International Coordinator working with student exchanges and intercultural communication in St. Petersburg. In Nordkonst Ekaterina is the contact person for dance exchange projects.