Anniina Tikka a.k.a. AT has been one one of the leading names on the bgirl scene for over a decade. Her style has had a big influence on dancers all around the world. AT started breaking in 2004 and since then she has ambitiously been showing the world that bgirls can take big titles as well. She’s the only female IBE Footwork Champion, WDC Japan Champion, Finnish solo champion, and triple Hip Opsession Champion to name a few. AT is a highly respected judge because of her strong knowledge and understanding of breaking and its culture. As one of the few bgirls in the world she has judged many of the biggest events such as Red Bull BC One World Final 2017. In 2018 AT was chosen to represent breaking in the Youth Olympic Games as an Athlete Role Model.

Mikko Makkonen is a Varkaus-born Helsinki-based contemporary dance artist with a b-boy background. He started breaking during 1999 and was active in the Finnish scene for 15 years. During the 2000’s he represented Moonfreezecrew, which won several Finnish crew champs and actively traveled to jams around Europe. Mikko organized BreakerzTrevenge jams in Finland together with Jimi from StickyRuckus. He repped together with StickyRuckus at R16Korea in 2009. Mikko found his way to performing arts and graduated MA in Dance from the  University of Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2015. He has worked professionally as a contemporary dance artist since 2012 and in collaboration with many leading dance artists on the Finnish scene. Currently he works as an artistic and managing director at DanceTheatreMinimi


Anna Eileen Nguyen Jeppesen a.k.a. Groovy is a dancer and artist from Denmark. She loves and lives for dance and everything in relation to that. She’s been travelling a lot to always keep growing, meet new people, and inspire others. She teaches regularly, judges competitions, battles, and arranges events and jams. She is known for her huge amount of energy, funk and Groovyness, her giving soul, and hunger for always keep learning and exploring. Her practice and focus have mainly been in House Dance and Breaking.

Michael Santana a.k.a. Santana is a dancer from Aarhus Denmark. He has travelled Northern Europe with his crew Familia Loca participating in jams and battles. In 2013 he joined Uppercut dance theatre in Copenhagen and started working at the crossroads of breaking and contemporary dance. He performed for the queen of Denmark, was nominated for best theater in Denmark, and toured around China, Russia, UK, Germany, France and Scandinavia. Today he leads the organisation Break Forward teaching teens and adults and hosting battles, workshops, shows. He makes sure there is sustainable breaking scene in Denmark for the new generation.


Anna Karin a.k.a. b-girl Ak 47 has been active within the hip hop-scene for 10 years. She is educated at Åsa folkhögskola and the Stockholm University of the Arts. She has battled internationally, organised events and judged battles as well as choreographed shows. She has also been part of a number of performances such as Instant act’s 16, The Hiphop Symphony and most recently Unvolution.

Pontus Linder a.k.a. P-Tech is a Swedish dancer and choreographer graduated from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm and currently residing in Finland. As a choreographer he has presented his own work such as SKAL, En cypher and this year has premiered the full length solo-performance DEAL WITH ME. He also worked with the UK-based dance- and theatre company Room touring throughout UK, Luxemburg and Finland in 2015-2018. He has worked with Art of Spectra, Circus Cirkör, Hui-Han-Hu company. Pontus has won Swedish, Finnish and Nordic championship and currently travels around judging, competing and giving workshops all over the world. 


Slav Dimov a.k.a. Slav was born in Bulgaria and started dancing breaking in 2002. With his Russian crew Factory he travelled all around Russia. After being solo for a couple of years he started a crew together with his students and named it Fresh Young.  Today Slav represents two global crews Green Panda Squad and Bring It Back Squad. He won more than 50 battles and championships all over the world, among which are RedBullBCOne Cypher Bulgaria and RedBullBCOne Eastern European Qualifier, Battle of Est, The Legits Blast. He is also the organiser of the event Form Skill in St. Petersburg, Russia and the owner of a clothing brand.

Konstantin Kudrin a.k.a. Mel Inside. Mel dances for more than 25 years and dedicates most of its time to breaking. He is actively practicing and often travels to judge battles and jams as well as give master classes and take part in competitions. He is the winner of many international battles. Mel is also active as an organiser of festivals and events and works as a DJ. 


Mathias Jin is a dancer from Denmark who lives in Norway since 2007. He works as a dancer, educator and choreographer in various genres within street dance, such as breaking, hip hop and house. He is co-founder of the crew dEEp doWN dopEiZM, as well as the dance studio Subsdans and the organization Soul Sessions Oslo. He is also a member of Kingwings Crew. Mathias Jin has been one of the key figures in getting the Norwegian street dance community to where it is today.

Victor Prag a.k.a. Exaggerate is a Norwegian bboy from Oslo and represents the breaking crew Floorknights. He is the reigning Norwegian champion and ended up at 18th place at last year’s Undisputed series. Victor is also a prominent breaking instructor and actively supports Norwegian breaking scene.