My real names are Ahmed Hamis a.k.a. Hamis Zzy. I come from Uganda and have been dancing for over 10 years. I started dancing at a tender age at school concerts, musicales and drama circles. I have got into Hip Hop and breaking later and since then have been open to learn from different people, environments and cultures. Now I live in Finland and look forward to meet new people, share ideas, and create together. I am so excited and grateful for this learning opportunity. 

Hi, my name is Siiri Korkeamäki! I have danced since i was a kid. As a teenager I started to practice Hip Hop and later on found breaking. I’m from Helsinki, Finland, and I rep my crew kookoocee. I wish to develop my craft further and seek to find new dimensions and inspiration within movement and expression. In the future I hope to share, develop and connect with the local and international breaking community, so I am very grateful for this opportunity.


Hi, I am Bgirl Sathie a.k.a. bgirl Sathie and I am a 22 years old bgirl from Oslo, Norway. I represent Kingwings Crew and Killahflowah Crew and have been dancing for 16 years. In addition to dancing hip hop since age of 9, I graduated from Indian traditional dance school called Bharatha Natyam. I had also been trained in Ballett, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, House, Popping and Breaking at my
High School, which has a specialisation in dance. Today my main dancestyle is breaking because of its explosive dynamics and creative freedom that brings me joy. Even though I train hard towards developing myself as a battle competitor, my goal is also to work as a stage performer by building bridges between different dancestyles and movements to create my own way of expression.

Hei, I am bboy Monk of Kingwings crew from Norway. I have Been breaking for 12 years. I love to play around at sessions and find new movements. To share this form of expression with others in a circle is the most fun activity and breaking keeps me healthy physically and mentally.


My name is Fredmar Lopez a.k.a. girl Mononoke. I have been dancing breaking for 12 years, although I have always liked to experiment with other styles. I like to work hard and I make hard work look like an easy thing, even though I always made sacrifices to achieve my goals. I search for my identity and try to get to know myself and express that through my dance, because I understood that attitude is a matter of personality and personality is what makes difference in the crowd. So I understood that I should not be the best because that only feeds ago. I just want to be different so that I can always be among the best to appreciate the talent of everyone.

My name is Aly Bardan, also known as Bboy Aly Bobo. My favorite aspects of Breaking are the dynamics and the explosiveness. I always enjoy expressing myself through the dance and you usually see me dance with a smile on my face. 


My name is Arian. I was born in Croatia, and started breaking there back in 2008. After moving to Cologne, Germany in 2013, I took the opportunity to visit jams all over Europe. I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the local breaking community makes me feel at home. I see a continuous link between breaking in the cypher and stepping on a theatre stage. That being said, I enjoy equally entering a seven2smoke on a concrete jam, and working on a dance piece. I have collaborated on dance pieces with the nutrospektif collective (based in Cologne) and Nika Janković (based in Amsterdam). Some of my favourite jams are Ruff Enough (Dornbirn), Real Deal (Oslo), King of the Concrete (Ljubljana) and B-Urban (Vodnjan).

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Sup everybody, I go by the name Kien Le and I represent my crew, Specific Kidz. I’m 22 years old and I’ve been breaking for almost 9 years. I live in Denmark, where I am currently studying to become a school teacher. Breaking has been a crucial part of my growth as a dancer but as a person as well. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without breaking. I am definitely looking forward to participating in this project, hoping to meet new people, getting a lot of knowledge, and most of all, inspiration.


Hi! My name is Maxim a.k.a. Jerry Metal. I try not to be influenced by other dancers and just express myself. When I feel comfortable with my dancing, I understand that this is my style. One of the most important goals for me is to get new sensations and emotions through the search for new movements and expand boundaries in dance.