Nord2Nord in Murmansk


On December 1-2, 2017, Hip Hop project Nord2Nord travelled to Murmansk! Together with creative collective «Gust Life» and art space «Roxy» we organized a pre-selection for our final battles that will take place in St. Petersburg, in April 2018. The battle was called «Dance Machine».

House Dance 7tosmoke
Octagon Contest
Best Power MoveHip-Hop Kids 
Hip-Hop Pro 2vs2
Bonnie & Clyde breaking
Experimental Dance

Eric (St.Petersburg)
Alex — Arctic Soul «Gust Life» (Murmansk)
Romanych (Murmansk)

Shao G (Murmansk)
Slava»Gust Life» (Murmansk)
Shug «Hip Hop Союз» (Moscow)

Lizzeta & Sazon (St.Petersburg)
T-One & Vortex «Dvizh Club» (St.Petersburg)
SmoL 01 «Funk Fanatix» (St.Petersburg)
Ninja (St.Petersburg)
Tanches (St.Petersburg)
Fin «United Zoo/Flow Job» (St.Petersburg)
Rush (St.Petersburg)
Tsipatron «Mafia 13» (Moscow)
Pluto «Ruffneck Attack» (Kiev)
Bobisch «Nord Side/Flow Job» (St.Petersburg)
Lina «Arctic Rockers/Gust Life» (Murmansk)

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