Nord2Nord at the celebration of Swedish National Day in St.Petersburg

Dear friends, Nordkonst is happy to present its new project Nord2Nord Hip Hop project, which is starting right now!

We were on Malaya Konushennaya in St. Petersburg, Russia, on 3rd of June 2017 among many other Swedish companies and organizations participating in the celebration of Swedish National Day. That was our project #1 activity this year!

What can we say?! Nord2Nord project is taking Hip Hop culture to the streets of Russia on a totally new level!

During the day (we started at 12 p.m.  and run till 4 p.m.) we showed what we mean by creative Hip Hop force. Our activities ranged from break dance flash mobs to artist-led painting workshops. One of the highlights was a drawing master class of an IKEA horse for the youngest participants led by our in-house artist Taya. We aimed at attracting as many of you as possible to take part in creative craziness and explore our creativity beyond the limits.

You might know that in the heart of urban culture and Hip Hop lays a competitive spirit. Nothing happens without competition where you can show your skills — the battle. Therefore we organized a  graffiti sketch contest where everyone could take part. The topic for sketch contest is easy to guess — Nordic cooperation, or as once said by Nord2Nord project manager Ekaterina Kalinina of Nordkonst — «it’s all about getting to know ya neighbors». Fin was there to help those who wanted to draw!

Interested in dance and trying out your break dance skills? Well, you were on the right spot then! Smol-1 and Tanches were teaching kids and adults tricks you can later flash among your friends.

Those who of you who just passed by and got engaged in our activities had a chance to win one of our Swedish sponsor provided prizes! Of course, winning a prize is not the outmost goal of participation — everyone was welcome to simply spend great time socializing and chilling in downtown of the Russian cultural capital.

But hey! If you happen to be in Moscow on the 12th  and 13th of August, we welcome you to come and get to experience breakdancing in Gorky park. Come and join our collaborative  Nord2Nord project and Embassy of Sweden booth, the Hip Hop Embassy, representing street culture collaboration in the Nordic Region. Stay calm, more information is coming very soon!

P.S. for now enjoy our last video from St. Petersburg!