Nordkonst is a non-governmental organization created in the beginning of 2012 with the general aim to promote cultural dialogue and cultural practices in the Baltic Sea region and beyond. More concretely, the organization is interested in exploring innovative creative processes and practices with particular focus on the meeting between culture and technology, culture and research, culture and business, culture and social work. In this sense, Nordkonst explores and promotes creative works that cross the borders and go beyond the traditional forms of artistic creations, exploring new domains of creativity where technology, art, research, business and social work meet.

Nordkonst puts great emphasis on transdisciplinarity and on artistic and cultural collaborations between the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

Specific areas of interest for Nordkonst are:

  • collaborative artistic practices and technological innovation
  • open films production
  • old and new – using technology in ingenious ways to present classical artworks and cultural heritage
  • creative practices on the Internet
  • free culture
  • social business and artistic practices
  • promotion of human rights through artistic practices
  • promotion of equality through artistic practices
  • promotion of mutual understanding, peace and non-discrimination through cultural exchanges
  • collaboration between social work and art