Swedänce Battle at FACES&LACES in Moscow, Russia

On 12-13 August, 2017 Sweden came to  FACES&LACES! Young citizens of Moscow had a chance to get to know Swedish street culture at our outdoor stand  Swedänce Battle in Gorky Park. Everyone who dared had a chance to take part in breaking classes from the best Swedish dancers on Saturday, the 12th of August.

Sunday was hot! More than 100 best Russian b-girls and b-boys came to us to compete in three different categories  — b-boy and b-girl power move and Bonnie and Clyde, a battle designed especially for team work between girls and boys.

We had the best music program in the whole park thanks to Dj  Yan the Shrimp from All The Most crew and live band «Hip Hop СОЮЗ».



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