Nord2Nord in Petrozavodsk

Dear friends, our project travelled again! This time our partner in crime was festival  «KEIII YOU 2018» in Petrozavodsk.

On  24-25 February our team, which included judges  Fin «United Zoo/Flow Job» (Russia),  Gangsta Karlos «North Region/Masters of Situations» (Russia) and  Heavy Haiku «Floorphilia» (Sweden / Finland) and MC RG56 «Rhymedalz» (Russia) went all the way to Petrozavodsk, Karelia. We spent great time co-arranging battles and workshops together with Heavy Haiku and b-girl Attaches.


Together with the students of the Youth Centre of Petraozavodsk we have arrange a conference, where among the topics were youth participation in decision making process, participation of girls in hip hop culture, the challenges dance teachers and youth workers face in Petrozavodsk,  as well as aspirations and hopes for the future.

By the way, master classes were a blast! Petrozavodsk’s youth surprised us with its hunger for new knowledge! The kids barely had space to practice!


As for the dance battles, we have arranged the following nominations:

— Kids Battle «Cash You System»
— Junior Battle «Cash You System»
— Pro Battle «Cash You System»
— Bonnie & Clyde 2 vs 2 (B-boy + B-girl)
— Pre-selection «Nord2Nord Grand Final»

For more information you can visit our group



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