Dance connection is a project aimed at bringing together young dancers from the Nordic Region with the aim of developing artistic cooperation, pedagogical skills and new projects.

During pandemic year 2021 more than 600 young people from the Nordic region took part in the events organised within the framework of Dance Connection Project. Young dancers, street artists, musicians, Djs and MCs together created a creative environment with likeminded people at several dance jams, conferences, workshops and meeting point. One of the highlights of the project was a one e week international boot camp that will take place in St. Petersburg and Pskov, Russia 6 — 15 of August 2021. 

Breakers and hip hop dancers aged 10-17 y.o. and 18-30 y.o. took part in a boot camp in St. Petersburg and Pskov between  6 — 15 August 2021. Bootcamp included workshops in breaking and hip hop, jams and open trainings, as well as project management sessions and was intended to give the participants tools for improving their dancing skills and battling techniques. 

The bootcamp was sponsored by the Council of the Nordic Ministers and brought to you by Nordkonst (SE), Finnish Breaking Association (FI), MUD Arrangements (NO) and XO Crew (RU).

For more information about the project, please visit its official website: