Nordkonst is a non-governmental organization created in the beginning of 2012 with the general aim to promote cultural dialogue and cultural practices in the Baltic Sea region and beyond. We are interested in exploring innovative creative processes and practices with particular focus on the meeting between culture and technology, culture and research, culture and business, culture and social work. In this sense, Nordkonst explores and promotes creative works that cross the borders and go beyond the traditional forms of artistic creations, exploring new domains of creativity where technology, art, research, business and social work meet.

Nordkonst puts great emphasis on transdisciplinarity and on artistic and cultural collaborations between the Nordic countries and the rest of the world.

Specific areas of interest for Nordkonst are:
–  collaborative artistic practices and technological innovation
–  open cultural production
–  old and new – using technology in ingenious ways to present classical artworks and cultural heritage
–  creative practices on the Internet
–  social business and artistic practices
– promotion of human rights through artistic practices
– promotion of equality through artistic practices
– promotion of mutual understanding, peace and non-discrimination through cultural exchanges
– collaboration between social work and art



Julia Velkova

Nordkonst founder and chairman of the board. With more than twelve years in the field of Information Technology, and passionate interest in creative practices that use technology in ingenious ways, she currently maintains the everyday operation of Nordkonst. After working for many years in the non-governmental sector on the Balkans with issues related to Internet policy, free and open source software and digital art, she moved to Sweden where she worked as producer at the Gothenburg -based independent theater ‘actors and friends’ (theatre aktör&vänner – currently Skogen.pm), and was involved in the Gothenburg Dance & Theater Festival prior to starting Nordkonst. She is also a media scholar and her research spans from free culture to practices of datafication and smart energy reuse.

Ekaterina kalinina

Ekaterina Kalinina

 member of the board and currently the main driving force behind Nordkonst and its strategic development. With a background in art history and many years of experience working in tourism and culture, Ekaterina is the project coordinator of the ongoing Nordkonst cultural and artistic projects. She has previously worked as a curator for international exhibitions making it possible for Swedish artists to be exhibited in Russia and for Russian artists come to Sweden. For several years she was involved in children’s and youth’s cultural centre TEDO in St. Petersburg, organising exhibitions, developing new methodical tools of teaching history, art and culture to school children and young adults. She traveled the world and worked with children in the USA, Russia, Belgium and Turkey as well as thought at the university level. She is also active as a scholar and publishes academic works on issues of popular culture.

Liudmila Voronova

Liudmila Voronova

 member of the board. With a background as journalist and communication scholar, Liudmila is the contact person for various projects related to the media. Before moving from Moscow to Sweden, she worked as international projects’ coordinator for the Russian Union of Journalists and freelance journalist in several printed and on-line media in Russia. Liudmila’s interests are gender issues, media and journalism in the Baltic Sea region, and cross-cultural communication. She is currently also working as a Senior Lecturer in Journalism at Södertörn University.


Ekaterina Tarasova

member of the board, has background in social sciences and environmental communication. Her main interest is the interrelation between environment and society on various dimensions. Interested both in academic and practical perspectives Ekaterina volunteered in environmental projects in Czech Republic, Sweden and Belgium and had experience with environmental NGOs. Ekaterina accomplished training in facilitation and mediation of environmental conflicts. She also worked in event management. Environment, communication and education is her focus area in Nordkonst.

Ekatrina Velkova

Ekaterina Velkova

 member of the board. She is also responsible for Nordkonst’s website and technical support. Based in Denmark, and with strong interest for technology and arts & crafts, she naturally complements Nordkonst and contributes to a broader Scandinavian profile of the organisation.


Jonas Öberg

member of the board. He is also the executive director of the Society for Free Culture and Software (Föreningen fri kultur- och programvara), former Regional Manager Europe for Creative Commons and current vice president of the FSFE.

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